Terms of Service

Please read the terms of service before purchasing. By purchasing, you agree to this policy.

  • Preorders will not receive refunds if requested.

  • Preorder items may have small adjustments to them. By purchasing a preorder item, you understand that minor changes may occur during production.

  • Not all items will be perfect. There may be very small defects such as loose strands or extra embroidery.

  • Preorder item production/processing time can take between 2-5 months. By purchasing, you understand that production time can take a long period of time.

  • Refunds will only be made to INSTOCK orders that have not been shipped yet. We will not issue refunds after the item has been shipped.

  • All errors, such as wrong addresses, will be the fault of the buyer. We will not be responsible if an address was inputted incorrectly and shipped to the wrong address.

  • Long processing times may occur. It could take us 1-4 weeks to pack and ship orders.

  • When an order has been shipped, we will not be responsible for it anymore. We are not responsible for lost/damaged mail or long shipping times. Please contact USPS about the status of your package, as it is out of our control.